Wednesday, 2 February 2011

We have a Double Doozey!! Submission from.......

Peggy Schenkels - me


Hi Shazz,
attached you'll find my double page.
I've spent the last month or so trying to sort out and scanning old pictures of my childhood, an absurd number of pictures which will keep me busy for many months to come!!!  Anyway, looking at these pictures reminded me once again I'm not getting any younger and more and more I find myself thinking back to those younger days.  Like my journaling says, which on both pages are lyrics of the song "It's five o'clock" by Demis Roussos, I feel that time has passed me by to quickly.  When did I lose track??  Sometimes I look in the mirror and still expect a young girl to stare back at me ... gives me quite a scare sometimes when my actual reflection appears LOL.  The black and white picture is me when I was 16 years old, the other pics were taken a few months ago.  I thought the contrast in pics would be a good way to remind myself I'm as young/old as I feel, not as I look.


  1. great 2 pages and love your use of papers and details.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous & thought provoking work here Peggy. I adore all the work that has gone into your double page..papers are superb.
    I so understand that view of looking in the mirror, & seeing someone different! But you are only as old as you think, so I believe you are still very young!

  3. I love the theme behind your layouts Peggy! The colours and papers you have chosen are just perfect! Congratulations - this is a totally wonderful efort!

  4. What a great story. One we all can relate to I am sure. The way you used the Graphic 45 paper is spot on.

  5. Wow this double is just stunning, those papers are just fantastic and I know what you mean re: older photos, they accumulate hey, good choice with the painting this month Peggy, it is just beautiful. Melxx

  6. This double layout is amazing... you look as gorgeous now as you did then! I love the way this has come together... divine work Peggy! xxx

  7. Wow this is a great double LO, Peggy! Yes, I agree time flies, but it's a wonderful thing to capture it through your scrapbooking. I love the torn paper effect on both of your LOs, the rich colors and great pictures and embellies!
    Hugs, RobinJ

  8. Double LO with a punch... wow! I (of course) love the Steampunk elements. ;O) What a great topic to do... many of us feel the same way. 'Where did that girl go?'
    In your case she turned into a beautiful woman who does lovely scrap pages! :O)

  9. I'm very impressed you put up two pages this month. You're setting the bar way too high for the rest of us!!! hehehe! Love your pics and the mood/style you've chosen this month. I can totally relate to the idea of thinking of yourself as still young, I can't seem to shake off the fact that I'm no longer 20! Awesome work!

  10. gorgeous double layout.

    i love the pp used ;)such lovely photos used ;)

    great embellishments used ;)

  11. Great double Peggy, I so love that paper range.
    And your photos are stunning