Monday, 5 December 2011

Here is Helene Bogren's submission for the month...

Longing for Christmas

Hi Shazza!
When I saw this Thomas Kinkade painting I had a feeling of wanting to be part of something or longing for something (to join the celebration in that house) and I thought of our daughter who is longing for Christmas this time of the year! The title of my layout is “Longing for Christmas”. I added a lot of different “Christmas-embellishments” to symbolize everything that she is longing for (which includes a snowman and a Christmas tree). To capture the colors in the painting I chose to use a patterned paper in light green (with Christmas pattern) as a background. I used some yellow mist to create some “light” and white gesso to create “snow”. If you look close you can see the yellow “light” as stars trough the “snow”.
Take care!
Cheers Helene


  1. Yes, this is a wonderful LO with all your work Helene. Little ones just so love Christmas & you have portrayed that here so well. Beautiful embellies too. Happy Christmas to you & yours.

  2. I love what you do with embellishments - adorable :)