Friday, 1 April 2016

Welcome to April ...

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter and are now ready for another challenge here on ARTastic. This month we feature an ANZAC tribute artwork by the ever amazing Josh Miels called We will remember them.

CRITERIA -  The use of Typography on your page - let those letters shine!

Study of the design of typefaces and the way in which the type is laid out on a page to best achieve the desired visual effect and to best convey the meaning of the reading matter.

ANZAC Day is our memorial day where we remember those who gave their lives in wartime. Your page doesn't have to be about this topic of course - you can use anything that inspires you from the artwork - the monochromatic colours, the use of a larger portrait, the masculine feel of this work etc. With the Typography aspect I just mean to use words/letters in such a way they are a focal point on your page - this can be with patterned paper or the use of an alphabet in your title or on your page somehow. It can simply be the significant use of journaling.

A little about Josh Miels ...

Joshua Miels is a contemporary portrait artist who looks to capture the vulnerability of people and the emotions that people try to hide from others. Spending countless hours adding layer upon layer of paint Joshua produces artworks that are not only striking, but deep and powerful. Painted predominantly with oil paint, each piece begins with a subject, but with a large amount of experimentation, each art piece takes on its own journey from start to finish. The pieces challenge viewers to draw upon their own emotions and personal experiences.

And now some inspiration from the first of our team ...

I used patterned papers, stamps and templates to meet the typography criteria.

I was influenced by the washed out alpha's in the background.

I was inspired by the grungy feel and dark brown colours and the white background text.

Inspiration: created a bg similar to this picture with black, then white gesso over cut out letters. Also for typography used a Motex writer & the large title alphas.

Inspired to recreate the falling background using the stencil and a layout featuring a guy. So I used this one of my nephew.

My inspiration - my family. In the photo, my great-grandfather. And he is a soldier of the Red Army. This is our story. I also used the stamps, stencils, book pages.

I used a pattern paper background and did some stencilling around my photo. For the inspiration, I used a portrait photo and used the monochromatic colouring like the painting.

Over to you ......

Please upload the DIRECT link to your actual entry with the link tool on the LEFT by 11.55pm on April 30th, 2016.  We'd love to see your new paper, digital, mixed media or off the page entries. Why not try doing a pocket page spread?  Please no back-dated submissions.  

 Please note:- You may combine our challenge with a sketch challenge only - no other combining will be accepted.  Please include our inspirational picture and challenge details on your blog post as well as provide a link back to us at ARTastic  ... and don't forget to tell us how you were inspired by our challenge.  You may enter more than once in any month as long as each submission is with a different creation.  International entries are very welcome. 

Please call past on the 8th for our announcement of the March winners and our ARTastic 3T's - Tips, Tricks and Techniques for April. 


  1. Love this challenge! I'm definitely a typography nerd so this is sooooo me!! :D

  2. ohhh!! I love this challenge!
    It is on my to do list!

  3. Wonderful inspiration for April.