Monday, 31 January 2011

January's inspiration will come from the painting 'Luncheon of the Boating Party' by Renoir

Luncheon of the Boating Party
by Renoir

(Suggested by Shelee and Peggy)

Diva Demand for an extra 6 bonus points try and
work the following into your layout.

1. Scrap a celebration = 1pt
2. 3 or more people in the layout = 2pts
3. Food somewhere on the layout = 3pts

I'm sure most people would have a pic of a 
celebration of some sort amongst their photos.

Please email your layouts compressed/resized for web viewing to

ALso, please add your blog address to your email so I can add it to the post, that way we can come and visit :)

The Design Team have put together some great submissions,
so lots of inspiration to share with you all shortly :)

Entries for 'Luncheon of the Boating Party' will close
Saturday 29th January at midnight.

Start off 2011 by joining us here at ARTastic, we would love to see more of our 'Followers' join in.
Cant wait to see this months entries !!!


Saturday, 29 January 2011

Here is the showcase of entries for January's 'Luncheon of the Boating Party' by Renoir

What a great start to the year....15 entries for January :)

We had two newbies join us for the month.......... thanks to Kim and Tamara

I will pop February's inspiration up shortly so you can all get a feel for the painting and Artist. Great art piece for January and I found it very inspiring.  The Design Team have put together some fantastic layouts to share, I will add them to the blog shortly.

Don't forget to make 2011 your best scrapping year ever!!

Maybe you could make it your News Years Scrapping Resolution to join us each month at ARTastic!

Here are the entries for January.......
 Anne Patterson - Birthday Wish

Cecelia Blanco - Turning 6

Dale Tiernan - Book Club Dinner

Helene Bogren - Tea Party

Jane Howden - Celebrate Everyday

 Jen Fawkes - Meet my Cousins

Julene Matthews - Life

Karen Williams - It's Gourmet Time

Kim Hutchinson - Helen at 60

Lean de Ruiter - 10

Lizzy Crust - 21

Peg Hewitt - pjth

Sue McVeigh - Chocolate Fountain

Tamara Rodgers - Celebrating Family

Yolanda Bravery - Natuurpark

I'm off to think about my votes!

back soon.....

Cheers Shazza

We have a last minute entry from a newbie....

Tamara Rodgers - Celebrating Family

Hi there!
Thanks to Michelle Lark for the inspiration to complete this - my first Artastic challenge, after following a link on her blog, and it won't be my last!
I've included all the extra elements - a celebration, LOTS of people, and food (fruit on the journalling tag).

Hi Tamara! Its lovely to see you join in the month thanks to Michelle Lark :) A beautiful have captured  the theme perfectly. Love the two photos of your family get together. The bright pink  flower in the corner with the ticket stubb is gorgeous.......and I love the  journaling especially!! Well done!! - Cheers Shazza

Friday, 28 January 2011

Look at this fabulous entry from....

Cecelia Blanco - Turning 6

Hello Shazza;0)  Here is my LO for the Luncheon of the Boating Party by Renoir.  This is my middle son on his 6th birthday.  He is now 7 but I guess better late than never to scrap it, right?  Sorry for another late entry.  Time seems to pass by right before my  I have covered all the criteria and hope you and the DT enjoy my LO.  Have a wonderful evening.
Cecelia Blanco

Well done Cecelia!! I love this page, I especially love the font in the title and the little journaling stips at the bottom of the photo. Banner is gorgeous and that pp is the best birthday pp I have seen, I just love it!!!!  Colors are so soft and serene! Great work!! - Shazza

Another great inspirational entry.....

Yolanda Bravery - Natuurpark

Hi Shazza,
I think this might be my first entry for Artastic - I have looked at it for so long now, I can't remember whether I have entered or not!!!
This layout is a kind of celebration - a visit to our favourite theme park in Holland!  The photo was taken in the museum of the park, unfortunately the food on the table isn't real!  The park is themed on fairytales and its a really lovely place.

Hi Yolanda!  Thanks for joining in this month, with a really great entry! What a great theme park this must be. I love your cartooney style layout, its just awseome and its great to see something a little different. Looks like you have covered all the criteria. Well done...and would love you to enter Artastic challenges again :)

Here's another great entry :)

Jane Howden - Celebrate Everyday

Hi Shazza,
Here’s my Artastic entry for this month.  This was more of a challenge than I had anticipated – trying to find an unscrapped photo of more than 3 people, celebrating - and with food - was no easy task but I found something in the end.  Wanted to keep this layout simple and also use some pieces from my overflowing scraps basket.  It was a fun challenge – thanks for the inspiration.
Hey Jane!
I love the simplicity of your layout, with the nice neat lines. Glad you found the photo, perfect for this challenge! .....and love the little journaling tag and that flower just tops it off! Great work! - Shazza

Monday, 24 January 2011

We have an entry today from a newbie........

Kim Hutchinson - Helen at 60

Hi Shazza,   
"When I saw the 'Renoir' I was immediately drawn to the colours in the painting, among my favourites and the feeling of conversation and eating going on in the group .
I had recently helped a friend, Helen celebrate her 60th  birthday with a High Tea @ The Loft, King St. Wharf ,Sydney with a bunch of her 'Scrapbooking' girlfriends.
Thanks for the inspiraton to scrap her page. Loved using Basic Grey 'Curio' collection with some handmade turquoise felt embellishments.". and this is my blog address.
  Kironee is a mix of the christian names in my family  
Wow, so excited I've actually done it, thanks for the site, keep up the great, inspirational work. - Kim

Hi Kim! Thanks for joining in this month its so nice to see a newbie have a go at our challenges. What a great job you have done! Excellent group photo you have used and look at that plate of yummies!!!  Love your turquoise felt embellies, they cap off the page nicely. Well done! - Shazza

Friday, 14 January 2011

Look at this fabulous entry from....

Lean de Ruiter - 10

Hi Shazza,
Here is my take on the challenge for the artastic challenge.
On the picture you see my niece at her 10 birthday at 23 januari 2010 so its time to scrap this picture...I now just one person but i loved this picture and yes there is food ..yummiefood on the table and its a Party.
I had lots of fun with this challenge so thanks again.
byebye,Lean blog;  
Beautiful work again this month Lean, just love your layering and distressing. What a great birthday photo of you niece as she is blowing out the candles! Lovely flower embellishments and love your banner. Well done!! - Cheers Shazza

Another entry to share from....

Anne Patterson - Birthday Wish

Hi Sharon,
Here is my take on January’s Challenge.  I got to use some of my very Yummy Scrapmatts and based my LO on a sketch at Sketchy Thursday.  It was great to do some scrapping to distract me from all the flood stuff.  Sometimes we need a good distraction as I can’t stop thinking about all the poor people being inundated by water.  Kind of Ironic that you have the movie poster as the “boating party”.
Anne P.

Hi Anne! Thanks for joining in this month with a superb entry! The colors in this layout just stand out so much!! The birthday photos look great and I love how you stitched the word 'Wish'. Love it Anne! - Shazza 

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Here's another great entry :)

Helene Bogren - Tea Party

Hi Shazza!
This is my interpretation of Renoir’s painting ‘Luncheon of the Boating Party’. When I saw the challenge I immediately thought of one of my daughter’s favorite games – to arrange tea parties for her dolls, teddy bears etc. (Invited to the party but not visible on the photo are also a teddy bear, a monkey and a cat.)
What I like most about the ARTastic’s Callanges is to really take inspiration from the painting. With this painting I wanted to create a little bit nature, an old feeling and a touch of decadence…
I definitely wanted to have a “roof” (like the one in the painting) to help framing the photo and I made this myself with white cardstock, red and yellow pencils and a bit brown Ink on top of it to make it look older.
I hope you enjoy my entry! I really appreciate your work with this site!

Cheers Helene

You can view Helene's entry here

You can find Helene's blog at

Hi Helene! Great job of the artwork this month, love the photo you used of your daughters Tea Party with all her little friends.....just perfect!! Beautiful colorsin this layout. I love your idea of having a roof over the photo. The large antique teapot and sugar bowl in the corner are just  beautiful! Great work! Cheers Shazza

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Todays entry comes from.....

Dale Tiernan - Book Club Dinner

Hi Shazza,
Thanks for the nice, easy challenge this month. I've met all the criteria. My book club meets once a month to discuss the book of the month. In December we meet for dinner to celebrate Christmas. You can see the yummy dessert I had.
If anyone wants to know the ingredients I've used to create this page please see my blog for that information.
Kind regards,

Hey Dale! this is a sweet (pun!) little page!! Your dessert looks yummo. A great idea to use your christmas get together with book club for your theme. Great title and lovely pp used here! Well done - Shazza

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

We have another entry today from....

Peg Hewitt -pjth

had a play with the Jan. 
challenge over the weekend :-)
What a great little page Peg! 
I love the journaling. 
What a cute bubba was 'pjth' back in 1990.
Goergeous flags across the corner
Well done Peg!! I love it!!

Another great inspirational entry.....

Lizzy Crust - 21

Hi Shazza,
i have just done the challenge for January.. 
i have a celebration - my daughters 21st.
i have 3 or more people - my family
i have food - the cake in the bottom corner of the photo..
thanks for inspiring me to scrap my daughters 21st which was 
taken 2 and a half years ago.. eek where does the time go!!
my blog addy is if 
anyone would like to pop over i would love to see you!!
hope you are having a great day! 
xxx lizzy
Hi Lizzy! I'm so glad you got an opportunity to scrap a page
of one of your daughters 21st photos! 
I love all your clustering in the corner, and how you used 
beautiful soft colors to enhance your black and white 
I also love how you used the lettered beads :) 
Well done!! - Shazza

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Ooh! look at this next entry from....

Julene Matthews - Life

Hi Shazza, I made this layout after a friend recently got remarried. I went for elegant rather than cluttered as I wanted to fit the 5 photos on the page.It answers all the criteria and the colours are reminiscent of Renoir as it was an afternoon wedding.That cake was delicious! Thanks,Julene Matthews

Lovely page Julene!. love the blue shades and the 5 photos on the page look great! Love your little 'Life' true! Thanks for joining in this month. Cheers Shazza

Here is another great entry......

Sue McVeigh - Chocolate Fountain

Hey Shazza,
Happy New Year!!!!  Here is my submission for the Renoir 
challenge, a very
simple page of a celebration, people and food......
a few of my favourite
Cheers, Sue McVeigh
What a yummy Page! Great idea for the challenge Sue :) 
I bet the kids enjoyed their chocolate fountain.
Thanks for joining in this month. Cheers shazza

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Another great inspirational entry.....

Jenn Fawkes - Meet My Cousins

Hi Shazza, thanks for another great inspiration painting for January.
Here is my entry, from our Christmas celebration where the 5 siblings and their families got together (all in the same place at the same time) for the first time in 15 years. I have a 'celebration', 'a group of people' and some 'food' (that represents the teenagers.
Looking forward to seeing what the other participants come up with.
Jen Fawkes
Great entry for the challenge Jen. Love the pp's you have used, the stitching and all the little added food embellies.I Love the three different fonts you have used in your title.....and a lovely photo of the cousins you have used. Well done! Cheers Shazza

Our first entry for the month comes from.....

Karen Williams - Its Gourmet Time

HI Shazza
Love this new challenge
My effort is called "its gourmet time"
Its from this New Year's Eve and shows us sharing a "gourmet 
schotel" with our 
friend. They are VERY popular here in the Netherlands for 
celebrations like 
Easter, Christmas, New Year and Sinterklaas. I'd never seen 
one until we arrived 
here. Anyway I have included the celebration- New Year's, 
the three people and 
the food ( although most of it has gone by the time I took 
the picture!) 
- Karen **
Thanks for your entry Karen,its turned out a treat. 
I love the way you have left the open space, great photos.
Have never heard of a 'gourmet schotel' sounds interesting!
Love the masking of the letters across the page too!
Well done - Shazza 
** Sorry your sentences have come out strange but no matter 
what i try i cant fix them, it may be the font you use when you 
send your email through to me...I'm not sure!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Our Guest DT, Nicole's submission......

C & L in Love

I was so excited when you asked me to be a guest DT member, but when I found out the painting would be Luncheon of the Boating Party I was extra excited because I've seen it in real life!  I was shocked to discover it is actually a very big painting (over 4 feet tall!).

Diva Demanded a celebration with 3 or more people and food, so I immediately thought of my niece's wedding reception pictures that I still hadn't scrapped from June.  They are such a sweet couple!  I picked out some polka dot letter stickers to use since I think of Renoir as a "dotty" kind of painter.
Happy Holidays!

Meet our Guest DT for January......

Nicole - aka Captain Jack Sparrow

Here is some information about Nicole :)

Hello everyone!  My name is Nicole and I teach first grade.  I'm married with 2 fur kids and I live in Arizona.

I started scrapbooking after I went to a Creative Memories party with my sister in 1997.  It wasn't until I saw Elsie Flannigan's scrapbook pages in Creating Keepsakes magazine that I had a scrapbooking revolution and discovered my own kind of style.  Combined with challenge blogs like ARTastic, Elsie has been a big inspiration.  My favorite supplies/addictions are patterned paper and letter stickers, and I love journaling!
We just finished tearing out the carpet and painting my scrapbook room so I'm ready to get scrappin again!
Thank you Shazza for the honor of being a Guest Design Team gal!

My blog addy is:

Here are some of Nicole's favoutite layouts that she is sharing with us :) 

Art in the Park 

Gilligan Hat 

The Hound of the Baskervilles
Thanks for sharing you layouts with us, I think my favourite would be Gilligans Hat...I just loved that show!
Your Gilligans Hat suits you to a T!!

Please make Nicole welcome as our Guest DT this month.

Shazza 's submission.....

Christmas Day Lunch 2010

Our Family Christmas Day lunch 2010

From Left around the table: Brother - Craig, Sister-in-law - Linda, Daughter -Jenna. 
Nieces - Mim, Kahlli and Tillie, My mum - Melvie, 
then me hidden behind Hasan my partner !!
It was a great get together, as always :)


Michelle Lark's submission......

 Celebrating Friendship
Hi Shazza,
Here is my LO for the January challenge. The story 
behind this photo is that Deb and I only met for 
the first time in August at a scrapbooking retreat 
and we have formed a fabulous friendship. I was 
lucky enough to holiday close to where she lives 
a month later and we caught up again a few times. 
Here we are on Father's Day 2010 having lunch at 
a lovely cafe with her hubby Pete 
(taking the photo) in Nana Glen. 
Technically there are 4 people in the photo, 
I have used some cute little food embellishments 
and the celebration is either Father's Day or as 
I have stated in the title, this photo is a 
celebration of our fabulous friendship. I love 
how this one turned out even though I had no 
idea what I was going to scrap when I set the 

Sarah Cooper's submission....


mmmm... food! What a good topic. :O)
I decided to scrap the King of all Foodie-Celebrations: Thanksgiving.
We always have a veritable herd of family over, on top of the herd that already live under our roof. lol
Table laden down with a feast of:
ham, turkey, potatoes, turnip, carrots, olives, apples, cranberry sauce, corn relish, pineapples, salad and buns.
This is always my eldest son Arthur's favorite part: the food.
Though all da boyz kinda hang around, underfoot, as my Mom & I are getting the buffet meal laid out.

Robin Jenkin's submission......


Hi Shazza,
Hope all is well with you!  Attached is January's submission.  Every August, my brother-in-law and his family come to visit my mother-in-law and our family here in Florida.  We usually have a barbecue in our backyard, but this year we did something different--we went Japanese!  We went to our local restaurant and had a grand time.  I had a hard time taking pictures in the restaurant that evening and they are not very clear but I hope I still conveyed the fun we had that evening!  I used Studio Calico November kit to create this LO!
Best regards,

Peggy Schenkel's submission....

New Friends

This last summer, I had the good fortune to be able to meet two of my all-time favourite scrappers and online friends, Jenneke and Jeanet.  We had a lovely time shopping for scrap supplies, talking, laughing and just getting to know each other.  We ended off by having dinner together (pics with food!!!).  By the end of the day, I felt I had made some new friends!  I guess you could say that that day we were celebrating online friendships becoming real life friendships!
xxx Peggy

Melissa O'Neill's sub.....

 Happy Birthday

Dear Shazza,

Had a lot of fun with this challenge, it is Nate's birthday this month so going back 1 year ago (can you believe a year already) it was his 3rd birthday, so it was only fitting to scrap his day of celebrations, there was several cakes over the course of the day and family in the photos. I hope you like my layout trying a collage. Love Melxx

Megan Vin's submission....

"Dessert, and Then That's Christmas Wrapped Up"

Hi all, 
Ahhh, a New Year, how refreshing! :) Here is my 
page, it features our christmas dessert time. 
All of us are concentrating on the food and 
not even aware of the camera. I felt the 
painting really captured a moment like this one. 
I've used the colour range too in my layout, 
representing the warmth of family together and 
of course the Australian heat filled christmas! 
I also cut up some christmas catalogues too 
and it features a bright orange doily I found 
at an op shop last year for 30 cents! I did 
some pencil work and paint for the background. 
There's also a gold earring from the 80's in 
there. Hope you have fun with this painting 
this month, it's a really inspiring piece!
Happy New Year!

Lisa Hanrahan's submission....


My layout is called "Sweet". This was a lovely challenge and I thought the extra criteria were fantastic! I scrapped a photo of my girls and my Mum while we celebrated Caitlyn's birthday... she is the one without the crown. I have all of the criteria covered - three people, a celebration and I have food (cupcakes) on the gorgeous Webster's paper. I added some pretty flowers too. I really enjoyed having some time to scrap again! Cheers, Vanilla  xxx

Debi Clarks submission

 Fab Fun Friends

Hi Shazza,
What a gorgeous painting by Renoir, Luncheon of the 
Boating Party! I have loved looking at it, whilst I 
was scrapping my page & seeing all the elements that 
make it up to be a masterpiece.  Love the movement 
of the subjects, their happiness, the table adorned 
with food & wine & I actually took note of all the 
many different hats too.
So I have used a Christmas photo of a group of my 
friends at their decorated table with their emptying 
glasses & nibbles in plates, in our elf & Santa 
outfits for our annual Trivia Christmas celebration. 
I have used Christmas colours, with flowers, ribbon, 
lace & doileys to set the scene. 
Once again, thank you for a great challenge. 
I enjoyed working on this, for sure!
Cheers, Deb xx

Angie A's submission

 Welcome to the world - Brooke

Hello Shazza....
Sorry I am making it just under the deadline.  but I had in my head that I wanted to do a layout about the new grandbaby  and well
she was just born Tuesday December 28, 12:24 pm....and I just got home late last night from MD to be at the birth....
Here in her first layout I'd like you to meet Brooke Noelle McGowan....8 lbs.  14.4 oz   21 inches long..She is my 3 grandchild
the first baby for my daughter & her hubby...I had to go back and think if I meet all the requirements....and I am pretty sure I did
3 or more people.....check
food.....check.....bottle plus  mommy will be breast feeding  so mommy is the food.....I know that one is a stretch...oh well
call it lack of sleep the past few days....
Happy New Year all

Amanda Taylor's January submission

Every day with a Great Grandparent is a Celebration

hi Shazza, here is my layout using the 'renoir' painting 'luncheon with the boating party'...................i loved that painting, and the added criteria, i chose to use a photo of my boys meeting their great grandfather(my grandfather) for the 1st time in a long time, and that when a great grandparent gets to be in their 80's and beyond then really every day with them is a celebration, and a milestone not to be overlooked......................ive got a celebration pic, more than 3 people in the pic and my food is the icecreams that the boys are eating and even included an ice cream stick pin..................thanks, hope you like this

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Here are the winners of Decembers The Mystical Nativity' by Boteculli

Hi Everyone! The votes are in and I can now announce our winners for the month. Thankyou to all the ladies that participated, I loved looking through all the entries in the one blog. You have all done an outstanding Job :)

We had 11 entries for the month, unfortunately two entries came in after the deadline. We had two newbies, Jessica Wyllie and Helene Bogren. Thanks everyone for taking the time to submit your entries, we love seeing all the different art work each month :) without further ado.....

The Picture This winner for  December is 

Lizzy Crust
with her entry
The Angel and the Shepherd Boy

Congratulations Lizzy!
You have won the Christmas Scrap Pack from 'Old Favourtie Vintage Supplies'


Pictur this Runner UP! 
winner is

Lean de Ruiter
with her entry
'Happy Holidays

Congrats Lean! You have won
the 'Joyous Kit' donated by me

The Random Draw Prize goes to Helene Bogren
with her entry
Sankta Lucia

Congrats Helene!! You have won some A2Z scraplets

Curators 'Choice Award' goes to

Jessica Whyllie for her entry 
Jessica, Jordan and Isaac

Reason - Jessica did a marvelous job of the challenge. I love how she just added a roof to her photo to iminate a stable. Well done!

You have won the 'Honey and Hugs' Docrafts Pack :)


The winner of the Randon Draw prize 
donated by DT member Deb Clark 
has been won by 
With her entry

Congrats Nicole - you have won a RAk of goodies!
The Guest DT Rak
donated by Peg Hewitt
(and picked by Peg herself)

has been won by
Julene Matthews 
with her entry
'I believe in Angels'
Congrat! Julene!! you have won a swag of goodies!
The DT sub vote goes to

Melissa O'Neill
with her submission
Four Years Ago a Child was Born

Congrats Melissa, you have won a rak from me

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!

Well another month out the way....and now on to January 2011r!!!!

A big thankyou to all the December sponsors,
your donations are much appreciated by all of us at ARTastic

SPONSORS for November

A2Z scraplets

Old Favourites Vintage supplies

Peg Hewitt - Guest Dt RAK

Deb Clark - RAK of goodies

'Curators Choice' Award and 'Picture This' Runner UP! prizes donated by Shazza


Thankyou to all the ladies that took the time to enter this month,

Thankyou to Peg for being our Guest DT for the month,
and adding some great comments to the entries during the month.

Thankyou to my DT members, who submitt the most inspiring work

We hope to see you all back again with some great entries for our 'Lucheon of the boating Party by Renoir

Could all the winners please email me their home addresses to:
so I can get all your prizes organised :)

Apologies - I'm having computer problems with my network connection so this post has been hurried to get uploaded, - I will add the prizes tomorrow if all is well!