Monday, 30 November 2009

Who's going to be next.........

Tanya Joseph - Girl with Pearl

Hi Tanya, another gorgeous layout from you..... love all your flowers along the bottom of the page, the feather and butterfly, just add a beautiful touch, and another perfect pic for this theme.
Love it - Shazza

Next DT members submission is .........

Mandy Snow - Beautiful Soul, Beautiful Thoughts

Hey is my page inspired by this months painting...The head of a girl
Mine is titled...Beutiful soul, beautiful thoughts...
I don't know if you want why, but a quick why is well...its a head of a girl deep in thought. the black space behind the painting really made me think negative space on a black background...the aqua colour from her blue headband and the rest...well..thats just my

Hi Mandy, you have really captured the feel of the painting in your layout, love the aqua and white on the dark background. Great photo!! Love this - Shazza


Here is a beautiful hand made Christmas card that Mandy made for the challenge,
to give all the card makers a bit of inspiration :)

Mandy Snow - Merry Christmas is a card I have made using the december art work as inspiration...the only thing that doesn't fit the criteria is the portrait photo, but used a stamped image instead, but thought you may like to use it so people can see a way to do cards using the artwork as inspiration...
......that dangly thing is an earing that I just added a bit more chaqin
take carexxx

Just Divine, Love it!! It's given me some inspiration to get some Christmas cards done :)

A submission from one of our newest DT members......

July Gaceta - {Glam}

Anyway, just in case you might need this story behind my LO. I used canvass and printed fabric on this to create a feminine touch. Didn't have a recent photo for a portrait style so I borrowed the color of the lipstick in the picture. The earrings is the 2 black pearl in the on the upper left of the picture. I was glad I found that earrings to match with my photo. So I did continue it to highlight my title. Thanks - July

Gorgeous layout July, love the pinks you used and love how they match your lipstick, love your distrssing and little trail of bling. Fantastic take on the challenge - Shazza

Another Submission, this time from.........

Michelle Winston - She's a Lady

When I heard that we were doing Vermeer, and his painting “The Head Of A Girl” (also known as The Girl With The Pearl Earring) I was a bit worried.
Add in criteria of a single portrait type photo, and an earring somewhere on the page, and I was REALLY worried !
But, as it turns out, some rather fabulous photos from a recent retreat were a perfect match for the challenge !
She’s A Lady is inspired by the positioning in the painting...a turned head, and a glimpse of the earring. It is also greatly inspired by the 70’s !
Who would have thought Vermeer of the 1600’s, and the era of the 1970’s could coexist on a scrapbook page ? Not me...but here it is.
I hope you like it as much as I do.

Michelle W

Michelle, I just love this, love that photo and that gorgeous huge earring, just perfect!! Love the pp you have used and the rub on looks great against those colors. Sonia will love this :) Fantastic take on our challenge. I'm sure it will inspire our Followers to have a go at the challenge! - Shazza

Next DT submission is from.....

Shelee Lark - Holly

This is what Shelee said about her work......Hi Shazza, Here is my layout for next month. "I wanted to showcase that portraiture doesn't just have to be of people. So here is a portrait of my very photogenic puppy Holly. I integrated a few pearls throughout the layout and have showcased a pearl earring at the top hanging off the concertinaed paper. I really enjoyed scrapping this layout. Great choice Lisa!"Cheers,Shelee :)

Wow! Beautiful layout Shelee, love the color you used in your flowers and the pp suits perfectly, love your haging pearl earring. well done! - Shazza

Our first submission for the month is from ....

Amanda Taylor - All that you see is Me

This is what amanda it is, hope you like it. My december artastic LO, using the girl with the pearl 1 portrait style pic and an earing.

Love your take on the challenge Amanda, the title is great..... What sort of handmade flowers are they? They really suit this piece. Well done Amanda - From Shazza

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Keeping to the Criteria.......

Hi Ladies!

Just a reminder when doing the challenges that you must follow the criteria for each challenge.

1. Hand cutting = you must cut out something either flowers, hearts, flourishes etc..
2. Cut out photo = you must cut subjects from your photo.
3. Negative space = scrap approx only 1/4 of the page
4. Use ribbon = Bow, knot, scrunching.........
5. Use paint = on card stock, chipboard, splattering etc...

When you email me please list how you have interpreted the criteria, as this makes it easier for judging and voting for the winner!

If your not sure on the criteria please leave a message on the main post at the top of the home page or email me.


Decembers Prize giveaway........

This is my favourite month of celebration, with Christmas around the corner there will be giveaways during the month. This is my way of thanking all my wonderful followers and the ladies that take the time to submitt their entries :)

The first giveaway will be......

An epoxy sheet of puffy Christmas 'Winter Wonderland' stickers by allison connors

To win this prize, just be the First entry for the month in my email inbox:
Too easy...............


Second giveaway is........

Holiday fun chipboard pieces

To win this prize, just be the Fourth entry for the month in my email inbox:


More prizes will be added during the month


Showcase of Tadema's 'A Greek Woman' entries for the month!!

In no particular order, here is a blog roll of all the Tadema 'A Greek Woman' layouts for the month! This helps the Design Team with the judging of entries :) So hang in there, it will be a couple of days before we get back to you with all the winners !!!

I will put Decembers criteria up early to get you all enthused :) and because it is my favourite month of celebration with Christmas around the corner there will be giveaways during the month. This is my way of thanking all my wonderful followers and the ladies that take the time to submitt their entries :)

Thankyou to everyone who entered this months challenge, we had 16 beautiful entries, which is a fantastic effort and I can only thankyou all for participating and for helping to make this challenge site FANtastic!!

I hope you all enjoyed the 'Tadema' challenge and look forward to you all playing along again in December... :) in no particular order, I present:

Irit Shalom - Thanks 4 All

Scrap-in-time - Smell the Roses

Christina Aiton - eternal

Michelle Beeby - BB

Christina Rayevich - You!

Jacqui Miles - Wedding Day

Julene Matthews - Under Arches

Anita Bownds - {Beautiful}

Kristie Coleman - October

Lisa Kamphuis - Celebrate

Robin Jenkins - A Woman of Substance

Alma7 - Mom's 60th Birthday

Leanne Lovett - Take some Time and

Enjoy the Moment

Natalie Elphinstone - Hugh's 60th

Julie Tucker-Wolek - Meeting Lars

Mandy Snow - Adore


Saturday, 28 November 2009

A last minute entry from .........

Anita Bownds - {Beautiful}

hi ya shazza
awesome challenge loved the painting.....
cheers anita...

Love your take on the ARTastic challenge, great handcutting and cute little photo :) Love that flower stack. Well done! - Shazza

Novembers Inspiration

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (8 January 1836 Dronrijp, the Netherlands - 25 June 1912, Wiesbaden, Germany) was one of the most renowned painters of late nineteenth-century Britain.

Born in Dronrijp, the Netherlands, and trained at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, Belgium, he settled in England in 1870 and spent the rest of his life there. A classical-subject painter, he became famous for his depictions of the luxury and decadence of the Roman Empire, with languorous figures set in fabulous marbled interiors or against a backdrop of dazzling blue Mediterranean sea and sky.

Universally admired during his lifetime for his superb draftsmanship and depictions of Classical antiquity, he fell into disrepute after his death and only in the last thirty years has his work been reevaluated for its importance within nineteenth-century English art.

Lawrence Alma-Tadema 'A Greek Woman'

As this is not a hard or difficult painting to draw inspiration from, it would be a good piece to do of your mum/mother-in-law, could be done vintage or shabby chic style, wedding, communion, garden etc............. The possibilities are endless........cant wait to see what you all come up with :)

Entries for Novembers Challenge will close on
Saturday 28th November at midnight SHARP!


Thursday, 26 November 2009

ARTastic November Monthly Quiz - for a bit of fun!!

Open to ALL Followers of this blog site.

Name these paintings by Tadema
(Correct title please)

1. A festival in a roman street
2. Three people playing chess
3. A woman kissing a child by the sea
4. Lovers engrossed with each other lying on a flowery clifftop
5. A lady holding up a vase of flowers
6. A lady sitting in a red walled room smelling a flower

Email answers to (ARTastic November Quiz in the subject line)

Quiz closes midnight Monday 30th November

All correct answers will go into a hat and a winner will be drawn

Prize = RAK of goodies


Reminder - Three days to get your entries in....

Hi Ladies,

Three days left to get your entries in to ARTastic Tadema challenge

so, if your thinking of having a go..... still have plenty of time

We would like to see a few more entries :)


some great prizes up for offer

'Picture This' winning art prize is a $10 voucher from


Picture This Runner UP! art prize donated by Shazza


K&Co RAK prize donated by Shelee


Random Prize Draw is a $10 voucher from
'Scrapbooking from Scratch'


Katy Hedger 's RAK of goodies...

Don't miss out!!

Entries for Novembers Challenge will close on
Saturday 28th November at midnight SHARP!


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

We have another entry today from......

Alma7 - Mom's 60th Birthday

This is what Alma7 said on her blog......... I've made this LO for my mom's 60th birthday album. The photo was taken in Greece a couple of years ago, and I like the tranquility in it.
It's perfect for Alma-Tadema's November inspiration in ARtastic challenge.

Hi Alma7, I love this layout you did for your mums 60th and soooooo perfect for the Tadema challenge. Your mom looks happy and relaxed in the photo, Fantastic, Well done!! - Cheers

Entries for Novembers Challenge will close on
Saturday 28th November at midnight SHARP!

Monday, 23 November 2009

WOW! Another fantastic layout to share, this time from another newbie :)

Christina Aiton - eternal

Here's my take on that great Alma-Tadema painting. Love your challenges and so glad I found your site.

This is what Christina said on her blog........This layout I did for Artastic - just found this challenge blog through Julie. The inspiration this month is an Alma-Tadema fin de siecle painting of a Grecian woman in a long flowing gown - there is a frieze of drawings across the wall behind her and some plants in the lower right corner. I took the inspiration of eternal (the frescoes on the wall in the painting) and found this photo I took when we were in San Francisco one time - this is a beach north of the Bridge, probably off of Muir woods. The card is a wallpaper sample from Anthropologie, the other ephemera was from an old Somerset magazine, and the leaves were cut from a piece of old Making memories paper - the background paper is old Basic Grey.

Hey Christina, this is a lovely serene layout, and a great interpretation of the art work. Love the old Basic Grey pp and your handcut leaves. Perfect title for this piece... Loven it! - Shazza

Entries for Novembers Challenge will close on
Saturday 28th November at midnight SHARP!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

'Picture This' Runner UP! prize

I have added a runner up prize to the prize pool!!

Good Luck!!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Another layout just landed in my in-box from.......

Irit Shalom - Thanks 4 All

Here is a bit of information on Irits layout........

We don't celebrate Thanks giving in Israel as it is an American holliday, but we
do say " thanks you" to the people we appriciate. So this lo is my huge " Thanks for all" for my grandma Fruma- she's going to be 97!! years old in 2 weeks.
She is an amazing woman- and my journaling around the lo is all about it.
She was born in Russia in 1912- so is actually living after Russian tzar ( king), Bolshevic revolution, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, world war 2,natzi ocupaton, Stalin
black 50-s and a few of Israeli wars too..
I wouldn't graduate from dental school if she was not taking a full care of my oldest son- her great grand son and than kept to do the same with my second one to let me work full time job for years. And with my twins too- but than it was less as she was a bit old..
So thank you for all my dear grandma!!


Hey Irit, Glad this months challenge gave you some inspiration for this lovely piece on your Grandmother. It's hard to believe she is 97, she looks mucher younger and quite healthy. I love your bling, butterfly and assorted vintage buttons. the aqua color on the grey really stands out. Well done! - Cheers Shazza

Have a look at this next fab layout......From....

Michelle Beeby - BB

Ok, if you knew how many times I tried to do this one, finally I settled on pulling the colours from the picture - hope it's suitable, was a toughy this month!! Enjoyed the challenge though, thank you! - Chelle
The journaling says:
At the end of the day, these are the people that are most important to me. These are the people I live for. These are the people that I would give my life for. These are the people that I love. Yes, at the end of the day, my family is enough.
And then the bottom bit (around the heart, if you can't see it, says:
I have learned that being with those you love is ENOUGH.

Hey chelle - You did a great job of the challenge, using the colors to inspire you. Nice clean cut layout and a lovely family pic. Well done! - Shazza

Look at this Fab layout, from...

Lisa Kamphuis - Celebrate

I went with 2 females who are special in my life My mum and her sister Kit who has been battling cancer for the last 9 years. She turned 60 in July and we all flew to Perth to help her celebrate - hence the title. Inspired by the greeenery and flowers and the regal looking woman in the picture...... Thanks babe - Lisa Kamphuis

Ooh Lisa, thats such a beautiful layout. The pp is beautiful, love all the little embellishments you have added. I adore you work. I hope your Aunty Kit is doing well, 9 years is long time to battle cancer..... I'm happy you got to celebrate her 60th. I'm sending her some good vibes :) - cheers

Thanks to Lisa's gorgeous entry, I will now be adding a
Runner UP! prize, to the prize pool :)
More prizes to share with the entrants

Will upload a pic tomorrow !!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Looksee! Looksee! Another piece of ART work from......

Julene Matthews - Under Arches

I've taken this a little more literally.
I was lucky enough to visit Greece this year, so featured a photo of myself and a Greek friend standing under archways at Rodini park on Rhodes. I've kept the colour scheme similar to the original and made the ferns plus the column the features.Hope you like it! Thanks for the challenge from Julene.

Wow Julene... This is a fantastic entry and what a perfect pic to use for this challenge :) I love that fern and the column, perfect embellishments to add to the 'Greek feel' of this piece. Great work! - Shazza

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Here is another entry from a 'Newbie'...........

Kristie Coleman - October

Hi Shazza, thanks for inviting me over, love your blog! Here is my entry for November

Hey Kristie, thanks for participating in the challenge, love your hand stitched flourish and your handcut cherry blossom tree.
Great pic of the kids having fun on the tyre swing - Shazza

Congratulations Michelle Winston!!!

Our very own DT member

Michelle Winston

has made the shortlist for the
Scrapbooking Memories Magazine Masters 2009.

The Masters is an annual scrapbooking competition run by Scrapbooking Memories magazine. It is designed to find the 10 Masters, who will work with the mag for the next 12 months.
To find these ten lucky scrappers, the mag sets a series of “masters tasks” to complete and enter.
This year, the tasks were:
A single LO depicting your greatest achievement in life
A single shaped LO (any shape other than a square)
A double LO using 5 or more photo’s
A mystery project depicting your style / and abilities as a scrapper (geared for an OTP project for most)
250 words about you and why you scrap etc etc

Magazine staff then go through all of the entries, and make a shortlist. In the past, the shortlist has been 100 people and 50 people... This year it is 67 !
From these 67 girls, 10 will be named the Masters. Some will work as their Creative Team, and the remainder will hopefully receive an Honourable Mention or Mentions, and also be published in the Masters Edition of the magazine.
The magazine comes out sometime toward the end of December.

From myself and the DT members here at ARTastic we would like to congratulate you and we hope you go all the way and become one of the lucky ten 'Masters' cool would that be!!!
(In 2006 and 2008, Michelle received 2 and 1 Honourable Mentions respectively..)


Monday, 16 November 2009

Woohoo!! Another beautiful entry from...........

Robin Jenkins - A Woman of Substance

Hi Shazza,
Hope you are well! Here is my layout for the November challenge! Best regards, Robin

Hey Great page Robin! Love that pp and snazzy embelishments!! A lovely take on the challenge.
Well done!! - Shazza

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Have you been to check out our sponsors online store......

Well, your all MAD if you don't check it out............

You'll find some fab things here!!

Thanks Leanne, its very much appreciated :)

Our DT member Shelee has donated a great RAK of all K&Co bits and pieces
Look at all those colorful yummy goodies!
Thanks Shelee

Our Guest DT member Katy Hedger from Dotty Divas has donated two Maya Rd albums (key and birdie) and some bubble stick ons. What a great prize to try and win........ (mmmmm the key would have come in handy for my daughters 21st next year!!!) I think I will try and find one now!! You are a gem Katy, thanks for your prize :)

C'mon ladies, get your entries in!!

We have had some beautiful entries so,

C'mon Followers! You have two weeks left, plenty of time to have
a go at this months inspiration......

Tadema's 'A Greek Woman' challenge.

This is not a hard or difficult painting to draw inspiration from, it would be a great piece to do of your mum/mother-in-law, could be done vintage or shabby chic style, wedding, communion, garden etc............. The possibilities are endless........cant wait to see what you all come up with :)

If I get Four more entries I will add a Runner UP! prize.

I would love to see a 'shabby chic' entry!!!!


Saturday, 14 November 2009

A big welcome to our second new DT member....


July Gaceta

I'm July Gaceta from Manila, Philippines. I have been married for 8 years. I have two angels named Kyle and Jean Marie. They helped me open my eyes into new chapter of our lives. That’s when I decided to start scrapbooking to document our journey with my husband, my sisters and myself too, I thought Life is too short to enjoy in every moment.

I just started traditional scrapbooking last January 2009. I have been a digital scrapbooker. I so love this craft that I thought to dabble on how traditional techniques used to create beautiful pages. Then, I started to realize that the creative process for this hobby is so much best for me to escape from my hectic corporate schedule. I love that it gives me new perspective to see things farther than the usual one. This craft is a passion. It gives me so much patience not to give up until I finished what I started.

My style in scrapbooking is experimental. I love to try new things based from previous hobbies I used to enjoy; those are sewing, paper tole, digital art and most especially photography. I thought scrapbooking is perfect to bring together different interests into one beautiful page. I was used to make double-page layout and mini books in digital scrapbooking. With traditional scrapbooking I mostly do 12x12 layouts because it gives me enough space to work on. I always start my page with a sketch. It jump starts my mojo. Since photography is my first-love hobby I can't get enough inspiration from it; I have lots of photos to scrap I'm not even through half of it.

My favorite arstist is Picasso. I love his style, the colours, the modernity, and the simplicity yet triggers me to think beyond what I see. One of my inspiration to know myself better as an artist.

You can visit July's blog here:

Here are some of July's layouts:

Fit & Fab

Morning Beauty

Strike a Pose

Hi July, I'm happy that you have joined our team and look forward to seeing some fab layouts! The other DT members thought your work was very eye catching. We all love how you use lots of different techniques, and your use of lots of busy patterened paper for striking and beautiful results :)

Please everyone make July feel welcome at ARTastic,

from DT members to all you Followers alike :)


Friday, 13 November 2009

Introducing one of our new DT members.........

.............................. thats right!!

We now have two new DT members at ARTastic and both come from our Followers!!

Introducing our first new DT member!

Congratulations - Mandy Snow

Here is a little bio about Mandy, so you can all get to know her....

I have been doing scrapbooking for many years, but started to approach it as an "artform" a year and a half ago. I have always loved art from the moment I could hold a pen, doing it for high school and university subjects. At the age of seven I celebrated my birthday with a party...and fell in love with pretty paper too....So what better way to put my loves together...scrapbooking!. I am a primary school teacher, but in semi retirement as I home school one of my children. I have 6 gorgeous children..Jess, 19, Cameron, 16, Lachlen, 14, Connor, 10, and Jacob and Maddie,8 who are mostly my subjects for my scrapbooking. I have been with my gorgeous and patient partner for 21 years.
I believe my style is quite ecclectic and often try and add something just a little personal and different into my pages. I love this art as it benefits me as it is a great outlet of expression for me, and I feel as though I am creating something very special for my children. It's great for my children as it gives them a beautiful document of their life and the joy i see on their face when I show them the "latest" page of one of their little achievements...well, it's what makes it worth it!
My favourite artist is Claude Monet
Having seen an exhibit of his work earlier this year...breathtaking! confirmed it.
His work is so dreamlike, I adore impressionism,the brush strokes, the ability to make something so beautiful from just paint and a lucky he was to have such a wonderful gift. He painted up until such a ripe old age...I love his waterlillies series...what a gift to be able to see the world as he did!
Here are some of my favourite pages I have done,.,well can't give you the real favourite as they are being published!!! lol...

You can visit Mandy's blog and leave her some love!!

It's a Twin Thing

Your Joy is..

ART Gallery

Mandy, I'm so happy that you applied for the role, your work is of a high standard, you have your own great original style. The other DT ladies loved your work also, as it's a bit different and unusual. You use interesting items to embellish your pages with, and you show a lot of attention to detail. We are going to look forward to some great arty pieces from you :)

Please everyone make Mandy feel welcome at ARTastic,
from DT members to all you Followers alike :)

I will reveal our other DT member shortly........

and Take Care